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Moving Abroad in 2022

Are you thinking of moving abroad in 2022? You’re not alone.

There are various reasons people move abroad, including the love of travel, being recruited internationally, joining their spouse in a different country, education and seeking a higher quality of life. And come rain or shine or a global pandemic or war between superpowers, people are always going to have those needs.

However, the system will obviously change due to the circumstances.

Moving abroad – for instance from Africa to America – is stressful enough at the best of times, but when things draw closer to the worst of times, it becomes a whole new ocean to cross (excuse the pun). With the pandemic, xenophobia on the increase in some destinations, and crisis in Eastern Europe, there are many more challenges facing prospective expats.

Many of the challenges we are currently facing will subside, but until they do you need to be well informed so that can you make the best travel-abroad decisions.

amsterdam netherlands with stunning view of canal and bridge attracting people who are planning on moving abroad
Europe remains a very attractive destination for people moving abroad in 2022

Can coronavirus keep you from moving abroad in 2022?

Mostly, no, not anymore, but it also depends on where you are coming from and where you are moving to.

Plus, with air travel restricted, most programmes done remotely, and quarantine regulations in place, it may be more challenging to move anywhere generally.

However, you certainly do not have to put dreams of leaving your home country on hold. Things are opening up again. Travel processing is up and running, even if it is much slower now.

Travel restrictions are being loosened more and more every day by most countries, and you’ll most likely be delayed but not denied.

However, you’ll naturally be expected to observe the new regulations in place.

For instance, as of January 15, 2022, international students 18 years and older are only allowed to enter Canada if they are fully vaccinated with one of the vaccines approved by Health Canada.

Similar policies have been adopted by many other countries in Europe and other choice destinations. Even popular figures have felt the effects of failing to observe the regulations in Australia.

In essence, ensure that you do your due research if you are contemplating moving abroad in 2022. Find out the policies that your target country is adopting and make your plans accordingly. There is a lot of preparation you will need to do before you can travel.

What about the situation in Eastern Europe?

Air travel for civilians near Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia has nearly ground to a halt. Also, many European countries have strongly advised their citizens not to travel to Ukraine, Russia or any of the bordering countries (which sort of goes without saying).

However, travel to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and New Zealand is still very much safe and is not affected by the situation in Ukraine at all.

Moving to any of these countries has not become much more complicated than usual.

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